Driver charged after 39 bodies found in truck in UK

The driver of a container truck where the bodies of 39 people were found in the UK has now been charged.

Maurice Robinson, 25, is facing 39 counts of manslaughter after being arrested on Wednesday.

He is also facing charges of conspiracy to traffick people, conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration and money laundering.


Robinson is due to front court on Monday.

Four others are also in Police custody.

The bodies were discovered in the back of the truck in an industrial site in Grays, 32 kms east of London.

Police had initially believed the victims were all Chinese nationals but detectives have now asked for help from Britain’s Vietnamese community.

“I’ve always remained completely open-minded about which nationalities I may have as my victims and that’s part of the reason for this,” Detective Chief Inspector Martin Pasmore said.

“Of course we have a focus at the moment from the Vietnamese community but hat doesn’t mean to say that there may be others.”

Police say very few of the victims were carrying identification with detectives relying on fingerprints, dental records and DNA to identify them.

Officers have recovered more than 500 items from inside the truck including phones, clothes and bags which are now being assessed.