Driver clocked at 116km/h outside Queensland school

A MAN has been stripped of eight demerit points and had his vehicle impounded after he was allegedly caught speeding past a school north of the Gold Coast at 116 kilometres per hour.

Police were situated just outside a school on Bryants Road in Shailer Park around 9.40am yesterday when they allegedly detected the vehicle approaching the school at extremely high speeds.

Using the police issued LIDAR device, officers were able to confirm the driver was travelling at 116kph in a 60 zone.


The 21-year-old male driver was subsequently issued with a $1137 fine, lost eight demerit points and had his vehicle impounded.

Police would like to remind all members of the public that speeding on any road, especially around schools, will not be tolerated.

Although this driver was detected 40 minutes after the school zone hours had ended, children are still often seen coming and going from schools throughout the day.