DRIVER CRACKDOWN: RBT-style checkpoints in force on Gold Coast

Gold Coasters are being warned to expect a larger police presence on our roads from today, with officers cracking down on those who are out and about when they shouldn’t be.

A police operation will kick off across the city today and will involve officers conducting ‘RBT-style’ checks on major Gold Coast roadways.

It comes amid concerns people are continuing to break the 10km travel rule, or are simply out on the road when they shouldn’t be.


“We intend to intercept vehicles in an RBT style – we’re not conducting random breath testing – but that style of vehicle stop, so that we can speak to individuals about why they are travelling into the Gold Coast,” Acting Chief Superintendent Wildman told reporters on Tuesday.

He said there will be a large focus on drivers from Brisbane to the Gold Coast.

“If you’re travelling into the Gold Coast and you are outside the health direction, expect to get turned around,” Acting Chief Supt Wildman said.

Under current lockdown rules which are in place until at least 4pm Sunday, residents are only allowed to leave their homes for essentials reasons.

Those include for essential work if you can’t do it from home, to buy essential groceries or medications, to provide care to a vulnerable person, to receive healthcare, or to exercise within 10km of your home.

Anyone found to be outside of their house for a non-essential reason is being warned they could face a fine.

It comes after two people and a business on the Gold Coast copped hefty fines yesterday after they were caught breaching COVID-19 rules.