Driver engulfed in flames after car filled with natural gas explodes

A CAR has exploded after its driver lit a cigarette, unaware his vehicle was filled with fumes from a leaking gas main.

The horrific scenes unfolded on a busy street in Toowoomba on Thursday afternoon.

It’s understood the man’s car was filled with natural gas which ignited when he lit a smoke.


The fierce blast blew out a window and left the man with severe burns to his face, arms and legs.

He was taken to hospital where he remains this afternoon, in a stable condition.

It was initially thought fumes from a petrol can were to blame for the blast but emergency services later discovered a gas leak on a footpath near where the man’s car was parked.

Fortunately, two baby seats in the back of the vehicle were empty at the time of the explosion.

Firefighters said the incident could have been catastrophic.

“He is extremely lucky that there was only himself in the vehicle and not more passengers because it could have been catastrophic,” Darryl Williamson from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services told 7 News.