Driver flees moments before train smashes into car on NSW level crossing

A WOMAN has managed to scramble to safety, moments before a train smashed into her car which had become wedged on railway tracks on the NSW Central Coast.

The frightening scenes unfolded on a level crossing on Rawson Road at Woy Woy shortly after 6pm on Friday.

Police said the 65-year-old woman’s vehicle became stuck on the tracks after she attempted to turn left while driving over the crossing.


Seconds later, while the woman was still sitting the car, the boom gates activated and alarm signals sounded, warning of an oncoming train.

Members of the public raced to the woman’s aid and moved her to safety but her car wouldn’t budge.

The driver of the oncoming train applied the emergency brakes upon seeing the vehicle but it was too late.

Police said the train came to a “considerable stop” but was unable to avoid colliding with the vehicle.

Fortunately, no one was inside the car at the time and no bystanders were injured.

The vehicle sustained only minor damage as a result.

It was cleared from the tracks and the train, which was not damaged, was allowed to continue on its journey.

Investigations into the accident are continuing.