Driver miraculously escapes death in horrific crash

A MAN has narrowly escaped death after his car was ripped apart in a horrific high-speed crash south of Sydney.

The man’s Holden Commodore is believed to have been travelling at or above 150km/h when it slid out on a wet road in Wollongong and smashed into a power pole.

Emergency services were called to the horrific scene on West Dapto Road, near the Kembla Grange Racecourse, about 9am on Sunday.


The impact of the crash was so great, the power pole sliced through the silver sedan, splitting it in two and ejecting the driver onto the road.

Source: Facebook/Darin Sullivan

Source: Facebook/Darin Sullivan

Attending firefighter Darin Sullivan said incredibly, the driver was “awake on the roadside” when emergency services arrived.

The Dapto fire station manager said the impact “launched the driver’s seat away from the front of the car”, and “spat him out through the seat belt onto the road”.

“The driver of this car is one of the luckiest I’ve ever seen in my nearly 30 years in emergency services,” Mr Sullivan said.

“[He] was conscious when we arrived – in a bad way, but awake on the roadside.”

Source: Facebook/Darin Sullivan

Source: Facebook/Darin Sullivan

Mr Sullivan said he’d attended similar catastrophic crashes before, but never where the driver was conscious on his arrival.

“For him to be in one piece and conscious, it just defies belief,” Mr Sullivan told Ten Daily.

The man, believed to be aged in his 30s, suffered spinal, abdominal and pelvic injuries and was rushed by ambulance to St George Hospital in a serious condition.

Mr Sullivan said the tyres on the Commodore were “bald”. He posted horrific images from the crash scene to Facebook in an effort to highlight the risks of speeding.

“The roads are not the Bathurst 1000 people – slow down.”

Source: Facebook/Darin Sullivan

The door of the Holden Commodore was left embedded in the wooden power pole | Source: Facebook/Darin Sullivan

One of the doors from the Holden Commodore speared through telegraph pole and became embedded deep in the wood.

The horrific crash comes just a day after a woman was killed in an eerily similar crash on the Nepean Highway in Melbourne.

Her blue BMW is believed to have been travelling well above 180km/h when it slammed into a light pole at Cheltenham early on Saturday morning.

Source: Twitter via Blake Johnson/@BlakeJohnson (7 News)

Source: Twitter via Blake Johnson/@BlakeJohnson (7 News)

The driver’s seat was ripped out on impact, while the rest of the car was sheared in half with the two pieces coming to rest 100m down the highway.

Senior police said it was one of the worst crashes they had ever seen in Melbourne, with debris left strewn across six lanes of highway. Drugs and alcohol are believed to have been a factor. Read more here.

The crashes were just two of a series of shocking accidents on NSW and Victoria roads over the weekend.

A motorcyclist lost one of his legs in a horror crash on the NSW South Coast on Saturday, while a man died when his vehicle rolled in Lake Macquarie on Sunday morning.

Elsewhere in NSW, nine teenage girls were injured after the Toyota Prado they were in crashed and rolled on a rural property northwest of Sydney on Sunday afternoon.

One of the girls, just 14-years-old, was ejected from the vehicle and is in hospital tonight, fighting for her life.

The either other girls all sustained injuries of varying degrees. Read more.

A truck driver aged in his 50s also died when his rig rolled south of Walcha shortly after midday.

Meanwhile in Victoria, a man and a woman died after the cars they were driving collided head-on near Echuca.