Driver of Jeep in tram slam fined $88

THE driver of a white Jeep Patriot who slammed into a big blue and yellow G:Link tram during a test run in Southport on Tuesday has been fined. (PICTURES: Jaydan Duck)

The young woman, believed to be 22, was issued with an $88 infringement notice for allegedly attempting to perform an illegal U-turn at the intersection of Queen Street and Mick Vievers Way, near Southport State Primary School on Tuesday afternoon.

Coinciding with the afternoon school pickup, the incident heavily impacted on already congested traffic.


Tram slam2

The scene of the accident on Tuesday afternoon. PICTURE: Jaydan Duck

The force of the accident caused some panel damage to the tram’s front carriage and shattered one of it’s windows.

The woman’s Jeep also sustained damage to the driver’s side door and front panel. Her window was also cracked.

Both the driver of the tram and the Jeep were assessed by paramedics at the scene but thankfully no one was injured.

It was the second accident to have involved the new $1.2 billion light rail system in the last four weeks.

The first lot of passengers are expected to board the tram in June this year.