Driver safety highlighted ahead of tram launch

SAFETY at light rail intersections on the Gold Coast is under the spotlight, ahead of the system’s public launch in a matter of weeks.

The RACQ says recent incidents have emphasized the very real risk of a serious crash if new road rules and signage are not followed.

RACQ Technical Safety manager Steve Spalding was in Southport this morning at the notorious Queen Street and Ada Bell Way intersection where several motorists have mistakenly entered the tram tracks, two of which have become stuck on Sundale Bridge.


Mr Spalding took the time to urge drivers to be more alert of their surroundings, including signage, ahead of increased tram movement.

“Our advice to motorists is to firstly think carefully about their safety,” Mr Spalding said.

“It’s not just about the movement of trams, its new signage, new line markings and also increased pedestrian activity.”

He said any intersection that started to show a pattern should be looked at very carefully and the necessary adjustments made.

“Now whether that comes down to signage, line markings or some other more structural change, I think it is important they are investigated so repeat incidents can be avoided.”

A specific launch date is yet to be decided upon, with GoldLinQ still pushing for a mid-2014 start.