Drivers ignore warnings with dozens busted drink-driving again

Police have expressed their disappointment at drivers still failing to heed warnings about drink-driving over the long weekend.

While wet weather limited random breath-testing operations, 30 drivers were still caught over the limit.

It comes after 40 drivers were caught over the limit on the Easter long weekend.


“Our officers once again were out there doing targeted enforcement this time and I have to thank the community once again. We had a number of reports from the public around people that they observed were suspected of drink-driving,” Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman told the ABC.

Five of the drivers who were caught blew above 0.150 which Police have described as one of their biggest concerns.

The highest reading was a 35-year-old man who blew 0.217 after being pulled over on Reedmans Rd in Ormeau on Sunday night.

“He was observed driving his vehicle without headlights on and you can think about the weather was poor, it was nighttime, intoxicated with that sort of reading, no headlights, it was just a recipe for disaster,” Acting Chief Superintendent Wildman said.

“But luckily officers jumped in, stop that driver and obviously he went over.”

The man will front court on May 17.