Drivers urged to ‘plan ahead’ this Australia Day long weekend

ADVERTISEMENTS warning motorists not to drink and drive will be beamed onto television screens across Queensland this Australia Day long weekend.

Ads pushing the state government’s ‘Plan B’ road safety campaign will appear on TV, radio and online.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the advertisements will call on Queenslanders to have an alternative plan in place to ensure they don’t get behind the wheel after a few drinks.


“With increased traffic headed for popular camping, holiday and recreation spots, it’s every driver’s responsibility to obey the road rules and exercise caution on the roads,” Mr Bailey said.

“Whether you’re getting away for the long weekend or catching up with friends and family for a barbecue, please plan ahead on how to get to and from your destination safely.

“Impulsive mistakes behind the wheel can have tragic consequences for drivers, passengers and other road users.

“Every road fatality has far-reaching and long-lasting impacts on friends and family members left behind.

“Don’t take risks like speeding to avoid running late, checking your phone, forgetting your seatbelt or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – it’s just not worth it.”

Mr Bailey said drink-driving regrettably remained a major factor in Queensland’s road trauma, contributing to almost 25 per cent of our road toll in 2017.

Drugs and alcohol were major factors in several fatal crashes over the Christmas and New Year break.

“The message is simple and lifesaving – if you’re drinking, don’t drive. Have a Plan B organised before you celebrate over the Australia Day weekend,” Mr Bailey said.

“Your Plan B could include public transport, taxis, ride share services, buses, and pre-planned accommodation or lifts with designated drivers.”

Tips to stay safe on the roads during the Australia Day long weekend:

  • Have a ‘Plan B’ to avoid driving after drinking – organise a lift, catch a cab or public transport, designate a driver or stay at a mate’s place
  • Never use your phone while driving – it can affect your performance behind the wheel as much as driving drunk
  • Don’t rush – stick to the speed limit and allow extra time for your journey
  • Get a good night’s sleep before you hit the road and make sure you take regular breaks on long trips – fatigue kills
  • Always buckle up
  • Drive to the conditions – increase your following distance and drive slower than the signed speed limit if stuck in bad weather (or delay your trip until the weather clears).
  • Be patient – everyone else on the road wants to reach their destination without delays too. Courtesy and respect for other road users, in particular cyclists and pedestrians, is essential to safe driving.