DROOL! Toblerone ice cream actually exists and we need it ASAP

TOBLERONE fans unite.

This may just be one of the greatest days of our lives….

The company behind the mouth-watering swiss chocolate and nougat treat has launched Toblerone ice creams and they’re even in the shape of triangles and everything!


It’s understood the frozen treats are made of chocolate and honey ice-cream and covered in smooth swiss chocolate with nougat pieces… #YUM!!!!

Understandably, there’s been huge reaction to the announcement from Toblerone fans all over the world.

“Code Red drop everything this is not a drill! ice cream exists,” one fan wrote.

“Omg! i love icecream and i love toblerone chocolate, this is so perfect! commented another.

It appears that at the moment the Toblerone ice creams are only available in the UK, but if the social media reaction is anything to go by, maybe there’s hope we’ll see them down under soon!