Drug Prices on the Rise as Busts Go Up

A string of recent drug busts on the Gold Coast has all but gutted the local drug trade over the last three months.

A Queensland police informant says the street value of drugs has risen by 25 per cent, following four major stings, which netted more than $30 million in cannabis, cocaine and methyl amphetamines.

“I don’t think we would ever be as bold to say we destroyed the drug market… but (we have) certainly made a dint in it,” Gold Coast Acting Detective Superintendent Scott Knowles said.


Four major police operations – Kilo Fraction, Kilo Zurich, Lima Wood and Lima Prompt – were set up in a bid to target drug trafficking and supply on the Gold Coast, and drew to a close earlier in the year.

Police admit, the Coast’s drug problems are far from over, and shady criminal elements attempt to capitalise on gaps now created in the drug market.

“With the Gold Coast being very tourist-orientated (the city) is always going to be the target for these sorts of syndicates  because it provides a ready market,” he said.

“No doubt (the hole in the market) will try to be exploited by other individuals and organisations. That is why these sorts of investigations will continue.”

Assets to the tune of $20 million have been seized including luxury homes and cars.