Drug testing push not all that it’s cracked up to be

I WONDER what would happen if police took the sniffer dogs that regularly harass the Gold Coast nightclub crowd down to a Centrelink office.

It’s one of the stereotypes often alleged against the city’s unemployed, isn’t it – that they are all druggies who moved to the coast to smoke dope and have a good time on our dime.

So it would be interesting to put it to the test.


Of course civil libertarians wouldn’t like it.

But in the fairy land they live in there are no drug-related crimes or violence, there are no bikies or criminal gangs or a murky underworld of dangerous meth labs that could blow up in an apartment or house near you at any moment.

Funnily enough, most of the high profile civil libertarians are defence lawyers.

I got to thinking about this issue after news broke that the Abbott Government was considering introducing drug tests for the unemployed.

Apparently there is a similar program in New Zealand which only applies to jobseekers who are available for jobs that require a drug test.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott let the story run for the best part of the day – no doubt to see what the reaction would be.

Then he came out to say he had no plans to introduce the measure.

So that is pretty much a guarantee that it is going to happen.

While no one wants their taxes being given to bogan druggies, the actual reality of conducting random drug tests on people is pretty Orwellian.

How far do we take it?

Do we cut welfare payments to people who waste our taxes on cigarettes and then end up costing us more in the health system?

The story broke on the same day as it was revealed Abbott has backed down on his demand that MPs stop employing their wives, children and other relatives in their taxpayer-funded offices.

Apparently Abbott received legal advice that the rellies could sue for unlawful dismissal if they were sacked.

You know who I’d like to drug test? Politicians.

There has to be some explanation for the ones we have at the moment.

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