Drugs, Lies and Double Standards

I JUST cannot fathom why people are getting their collective knickers in such a knotted state over the current drugs ‘plight’ of the Gold Coast Suns.

High performance sport and illegal recreational drugs are inextricably linked.

And they always will be.


Karmichael Hunt didn’t start snorting lines at a post-match press conference.

He never spiralled out of control in a drug-induced rage and began beating random strangers in the streets.

Yes he broke the law but who of us hasn’t?

Which of us has never driven over the legal limit before?

This is the exact same thing when it all boils down.

These guys get paid to do a job only a fraction of the population have the mental, physical and emotional discipline to do and some of them, in their down time and in the privacy of their own home, occasionally take drugs.

Wow. Stop the press.

It is the height of idiocy for a society to expect that footballers be anything more than normal people.

Karmichael Hunt is an experienced, professional sportsman who made a conscious, informed decision to buy and take drugs for recreational purposes.

I am not saying it is what I would have done, or that I think it was a good decision – of course it wasn’t a smart idea.

It being illegal would have been my first clue.

But nor am I jumping up and down demanding those responsible for this reprehensible circus be hung drawn and quartered.

Being surprised there is a drug culture in sport is about as naïve as thinking that primary school kids don’t swear.

If we as a culture would deny sporting stars any form of legal recreation that can be perceived as ‘sending the wrong message’ or ‘not setting a good example’ then how stupid are we if we are surprised when they seek out forms of illegal recreation.

Why do you think so many of them have tattoos from forehead to ankle?

It is literally the only thing they can spend their money on that won’t land them in hot water with a press too lost to report on good news stories.

Claiming a drug culture every time a player is accused of taking illegal narcotics is about as sensible as claiming a ‘hoon’ culture if a player is seen to be driving over the speed limit, or claiming a ‘fight club’ culture if a player punches someone on or off the field.

So before you take up the pitchfork and torch and climb up upon the nearest soapbox ask yourself the question – ‘would/does this happen in my industry’.

They are just young men. Some of them are extremely smart, others are not.

Others still are smart but make decisions that seem dumb to others.

The moment we stop treating out sportsmen and women as the Justice League the better.

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