Drunk drivers wreak havoc in suburbia

IF you thought driving in Surfers Paradise on a Friday night was taking your life into your own hands, think again.

Last week a 51-year-old man was arrested for drink driving at more than five times the legal limit. It was at 11:20am on a Tuesday morning – in Pacific Pines.

Earlier this month, a drunk driver crashed into four cars and tried to flee the scene. It happened at lunchtime on a Monday, in Ashmore.


And only this week, a man had his license suspended after being found guilty of dangerous driving – for doing handstands on top of his car while it was moving. It was late afternoon on a Tuesday, in Burleigh.

Seriously – is anywhere safe any more?

Already my driving options are limited if I want to do my part in keeping safe on the road and yet this is happening on a regular basis in my neck of the woods.

I choose to avoid driving around the glitter strip in the late hours of the weekend.

I’m well aware of the road works associated with The G and try to steer clear at peak times.

I know to expect road rage in busy car parks over the silly season.

I know that November equals packs of scooting schoolies weaving up and down the Gold Coast Highway and so I stay away.

Heck, I’m even superstitious of the roads around a full moon and choose to stay at home.

There are some situations that I just can’t account for though. Drunk and reckless drivers wreaking havoc in suburbia in the middle of a weekday; what can I do to avoid that?

At 11:20am on a regular Tuesday morning in suburban Gold Coast, mums with tired toddlers are on their way home from playgroup. Retirees are heading into town for a spot of shopping. Workers are doing a quick lunch run between appointments.

On any given weekday evening, employees are packing up shop and heading home for the day, kids are riding home from school and mum’s taxi is nearing its final destination.

Reckless and drunk drivers of the Gold Coast – wake up! We shouldn’t have to factor you into our already stressful day of negotiating Gold Coast roads.

Don’t be so selfish. The issue you have to consider is not whether or not you’ll get caught. It’s about your responsibility to drive safely; to take care of yourself and take care of others on the road.

Don’t take the risk – for our sake.

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