Drunk man falls into tank of raw sewage

A DRUNK Chinese man fell into a container full of raw sewage when he took a short cut home from the pub in the hope of avoiding an argument with his wife.

Chi Fang, 42, had spent the evening drinking with friends in his home city of Wuhu in eastern China’s Anhui District when his wife called and ordered him to come home immediately.

Leaving the pub as quickly as he could, Mr Chi decided to take a quick route home, passing over a bridge that would usually shave several minutes off his journey and potentially spare him a confrontation with his furious wife.


Nauseous from all the alcohol he had consumed, Mr Chi was forced to stop to be sick but he unfortunately lent too far over the railing and toppled off the bridge into a tank full of sewage.

Describing his ordeal, Mr Chi said: ‘It was very dark and I was feeling a bit queasy so I lent over a railing which I thought was part of a bridge.

‘I can’t exactly remember what happened next, but I suddenly fell over the edge, and head first into the sewage,’ he added.

‘At first I thought it was water, until I became aware of the smell…That sobered me up pretty quickly,’ Mr Chi went on to say.
Having fallen into a vat of raw faeces, Mr Chi’s mobile phone stopped working, so he was forced to shout for help until a group of passers-by eventually called the emergency services.

A police spokesman said: ‘When we arrived it was difficult to see where he was as he was covered in sewage and completely black. ‘We eventually spotted him though and managed to haul him out, which was very unpleasant.’

After being rescued, Mr Chi’s first thought was to race home to his by now livid wife, Lei, 37 – not even stopping for a shower along the way.

Speaking after the incident, Mrs Chi said: I was all set to give him a rollicking for being out late drinking, but when he turned up looking like that I just went ballistic.’

‘It’s like being with a child sometimes,’ she added.

Mrs Chi forced her disgraced husband to spend the rest of the night sleeping in their pet dog’s kennel, but even there he wasn’t welcome.

‘The dog didn’t want to be near me and went inside,’ he said. ‘I guess that’s taught me a lesson.’

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