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‘Dummy’ image going viral after mother posts warning message to parents

A mother’s image of her son’s ‘broken’ dummy is going viral online after she posted it on her Facebook page as a warning to other parents.

In the post, which has been shared more than 33,000 times, mother Alexandria Weedon explains why it is so important to “watch your babies, especially while driving”.

“Ok mommas… this just happened to us tonight. Soooo scary!! I was driving home when I heard Dillon gagging on something… I thought he had just choked on his own spit like he does often until I looked back there and he was really struggling.


“I pulled over as fast as I could and pulled his paci out to see the rubber part was gone!!! Thank God it wasn’t lodged in his throat and I was able to just scoop it out with my finger. This paci isn’t very old… maybe a couple months old and it’s never been put through the dish washer. Please watch your babies carefully especially while driving!!!”

The post has been bombarded with comments thanking the woman for sharing the important information, stating that she may have just saved a life.