Dust cloud blankets Gold Coast

GOLD Coasters woke on Saturday to their coastal city shrouded in dust, whipped up by wild winds out west.

The dirt – precious top soil from drought-stricken farms – was picked up by a vigorous trough as it surged through western Queensland on Friday night.

The raised dust made it all the way to the ocean and, combined with 27 degree heat along the Coast on Saturday, made it feel like a typical summer’s day.


The dusty haze is expected to hang around until at least Saturday night, when westerly winds are forecast to turn more southerly.

It is said to be the biggest dust storm event to reach the Gold Coast, including Brisbane, in near a decade.

The word ‘dust’ was trending on Twitter in Brisbane on Saturday afternoon.

Speaking to the ABC, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Adam Woods said while the dust was a rare occurrence in the city, it wasn’t unusual in times of extreme drought.

Mr Woods said the dust was a clear indication of just how dry it is out west.

“It’s quite extensive and I believe it’s the first dust storm we’ve had in Brisbane for a number of years,” he said.

“It’s probably more typical to see these dust storm events when the conditions are very dry and there’s less plant material to bind that soil together.”

Queensland Health has urged people with respiratory issues such as asthma to stay indoors with their windows and doors closed, and medication close by.