DV support group folds

A day after the Gold Coast Domestic Violence Court started sitting, a local support group has collapsed.

Assist A Sista is being wound up as its third birthday approaches.  The news comes after a brand new no nonsense DV Court started accepting cases on Tuesday as part of a six-month trial that could see the service rolled out across the state.

The group announced on Facebook that it was formed in September 2012 and would now not exist from September 1, 2015.


The post explained that Assist A Sista “was born out of a desire to make a difference to the lives of women and children who had experienced domestic and family violence”.

“The last three years have been filled with incredible successes and opportunities to make a difference.”

“As Assist a Sista neared its third birthday we began to take stock of what had been achieved and plan for the future. Over time it became apparent that while we remained committed to raising awareness about domestic and family violence and supporting families who wanted to make a new start, creating a shared vision for Assist A Sista moving forward became difficult.”

“After much soul searching and deliberation we have decided to continue on the journey separately and stand very committed to continuing the amazing work that Assist A Sista has enabled us all to achieve.”

The service that Assist A Sista provides began as a wonderful value add to the families, however, the service is one that is now necessary and expectant and as a result we are determined to not let any of the families down.

The girls reassured us that all of the blood, sweat and tears that everyone put in which has allowed Assist A Sista to flourish and exist will not be in vain.

We stand firm in our solidarity to contributing to raise awareness and help families escape domestic and family violence.

As part of the wind up, all funds currently in the Assist A Sista account and all items on hand will be donated to the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre.

If you need to get in touch with the girls you can email Manuela at manwhitford@gmail.com or Nicolle at gareth.nicolle@gmail.com.