Early voting options now available for Gold Coast council elections

Early voting is now open for Gold Coasters, who’d like to have their say early on the upcoming council election.

Eleven centres will be open to locals from today over the next two weeks, through until the March 28 poll.

At this stage, the March 28 poll day will still go ahead, though there are concerns that it may have to be called off closer to the date.


The Tugun Community Centre is also taking votes for the Currumbin by-election, which is due to go ahead on the same day.

  • Tugun Community Centre (Activity Room), 414 Coolangatta Rd, Tugun
  • 6/53 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads
  • Fradgley Hall Community Centre, Park Avenue, Burleigh Heads
  • Albert Waterways Community Centre, Cnr Hooker & Sunshine Boulevard, Mermaid Waters
  • Show Society, Mudgeeraba Showgrounds, 115 Mudgeeraba Road, Worongary
  • Gold Coast Sports & Leisure Centre, 296 Nerang Broadbeach Road, Carrara
  • G4, Southport Community Centre, 6 Lawson Street, Southport
  • Runaway Bay Community Centre, Lae Drive, Runaway Bay
  • 4/54 Siganto Drive, Helensvale

Most locations will be open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm, extending to 6pm the following week.

For more information about voting centres, click here.

Please note: myGC will be providing more detailed information about all the candidates over the coming days.

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Sorry but im definitely not going to polling station for anyone please understand this virus is not good at all. At this moment and time this should not be compulsory. Sorry but please make my name off the roll
Thank you so much Daryl Gordon Johnstone.

Completely agree. We need to take CV19 much more seriously – & if not allowing online voting (didn’t receive card until after this closed!) I’m not voting.

Who is ‘Bankrolling’ the campaign for Brooke………. in Division 6????? It.s over the top and scandalous, no longer voting for her now I will be voting for Shaelee Dawn’s Choice – do yourself a favour read this
candidate’s background, would be an asset to Council.

I don’t understand why the Electoral Commission is allowing this election to proceed in the midst of the worst (killer) pandemic in 100 years. Will they take responsibility for anyone who dies as a rewsult of catching Conavirus whist standing in line to vote?
If this is leadership then we are stuffed!

Ian Watkins

4/54 Siganto Drive, Helensvale
This address is a caltex & Hungry Jacks – which one has the polling booth?
Petrol & a vote or burger & a vote? ?

Look for all the cars, and there are tons of Vote for me signs. Not too far from McDonald’s. There is a big white Shade Structure on the footpath as a Landmark TO LOOK FOR!.

The country is in lockdown and you want people to ignore the GOVERMENT IMPOSED warnings of leaving your home to gather at your polling stations? Not very sensible for so called politicians!!!


If the Prime Minister has declared a State of Emergency – it is shocking at this time , when people are dealing with the stress of processing this sudden trauma of the unprecedented health crisis, plus the devastating trauma of losing their life-hoods overnight –
How can irrelevant by-election go ahead ??????
The risk factor to the public , both voters and staff manning the centres are at best irresponsible and worst case – criminal !!!!!!
Every candidate should be ashamed
I would vote for the candidate who had the balls to say NO this is wrong !!!!
It’s beyond a disgrace – it says a lot about the candidates –
Insensitive and appalling –

I live up in Alberton and from this list there is nothing open for early voting in our area with the nearest one being almost 30km away.

Thanks GCCC!

No early voting North of Helensvale. Alberton does not exist! Will have to be sick…..

Just got back from voting in the Queensland Council Elections. ALL Elderly people taking your name from behind the desk to hand out voting papers. Only 1 person seen with mask / gloves! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!

We are not attending voting either as per the Prime Ministers Directive. You have closed the borders, stopped international flights, put us into stage 2 which means no gathering of more than 5 people so how CAN we vote? We are also not prepared to risk our health. The government needs to come up with a safer way for people to vote. How about online voting??? Please mark our names off the list Robert Van Veenendaal and Vicki Schilder. Division 4.

History shows that during a National crisis no election were held. 2nd world war for example. Now this crisis is not only a national crisis but a global one. Who wants a change in Government / council at this time? Wake up you politicians, we’ve been instructed by you mob to self isolate, you have blocked not only all airports and shipping now we’re closed off from interstate loved ones as well. Yet you’ll fine us $133 for not following the national governments orders to stay home. Shame on you all.

Quite incorrect. Their were Federal Elections in 1941 (Curtin then had a minority Labor Government) and 1944 (Curtin winning in a landslide). Don’t take to social media with made up stuff; people will point out your errors.

In lockdown how do I vote

The irresponsibility of the Queensland Government in not postponing these election is verging on criminal. Both my wife and myself have debilitating health problems, but are still required to run the gauntlet of the coronsvirus along with every other Queenslander. This callous disregard for the health of the general population in Queensland, I am sure, will be remembered at the next state election later this year. And the Postal vote which we applied for is a no show, submitted the application over 2 weeks ago but nothing has been received so far, and the election is tomorrow.
We still have not decided whether to risk infection, in order to appease the Queensland Government, or follow the advise of the Federal Government, in regards to self isolation and social distancing and risk the fine for not voting.

I’m a technophobic Nanna with a compromised immune system. There is no way I will be putting myself out there with Covid-19 happening. I’m in Tasmania & I need to vote online… Please
tell me in layman’s terms how to do it. I can’t find the online voting in this thread. Thank you for your assistance.

Not doing this .. Wife is on disability with heart and lung complications and type 1 diabetes..I am her carer send me the fine now my wife’s life is more important than someones potential BS job.

I am listening to my Prime Minister telling me TO STAY AT HOME AND NOT TO GO OUT UNLESS IT IS ESSENTIAL.

To go out just to vote is CRAZY!

Totally agree..at this time there should have been a postponement OR online option. I am in high risk due to having cancer and I received a text from a candidate’s campaign saying vote or get fined $133..well I’m sorry this is classified non essential and risking it when we have the directive from PM not to go out, premiere stay home, stay in your own suburb. Seriously ? to fine people because governments have put the fear in them..not ok..I’m sorry but my life is worth living and staying healthy for as long as I can for my family not my local election. Please remove my name off the voting poll Sat 28th March 2020. Stay safe all. Tracey-Lee Napier.

I am not going to the polling station the virus is dangerous and I have a new born and a grand mother I regularly see no way