Early works begin on M1, ahead of $1B upgrade

M1 motorists may notice some changes along the motorway today, with early works on the next major upgrade getting underway.

The $1 billion upgrade from Varsity Lakes to Tugun has been slightly brought forward, as part of the coronavirus recovery.

Concrete safety barriers will be put into place, and speed limits reduced, to prep the stretch of motorway for the impending heavy works.


Gaven MP Meaghan Scanlon told myGC it’s good news for the local construction industry.

“This is great news in terms of showing that we’re continuing with the infrastructure projects – despite the global pandemic – this is about getting those M1 upgrades done as soon as possible.

“Making sure that we’re making way for that Varsity Lakes to Tugun piece to get going as soon as possible in terms of heavy works, straight after we’ve finished Mudgeeraba to Varsity Lakes.

“We’ve always said that we wanted to start this project this year, but we wanted to make sure it got off the ground as soon as possible.

“So we’ve already put out the contracts, so Seymour Whyte constructions have been awarded the contract in terms of the piece between Varsity Lakes to Burleigh.

“And they are hitting the ground running, in getting this early work done as soon as possible,” Ms Scanlon said.

The project is tipped to provide around 800 jobs for locals during construction.

“Just this one single piece of the M1 upgrade will create over 800 jobs, this is great news for local tradies.

“We know the construction industry is doing it a bit tough at the moment, as a result of the pandemic, so creating these local jobs is so important.

“And of course it’s a billion dollar upgrade, so all of the supplies that are provided, that’s really helpful for local businesses as well.

“But at the end of the day, it’s about getting motorists home to their families sooner, and to work faster,” Ms Scanlon said.

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yay, an even longer slow section of the M1…

How about they finish the existing upgrades and get it back to 100kmh, it looks 99% done and hasn’t changed in a couple weeks, its like there is some reluctance to finish the dam project…

Agree, it’s typical of Qld TMR projects to linger close to completion. Adds to revenue for police and frustration for road users.

The M3/M1 merge at Rochedale was largely completed save for final bitumen laying in January yet it took until April, three months later for the final linemarking to be finished and the speed reinstated at 100km/h.

Transport for NSW couldn’t be more different, they facilitate their contractors to open projects at or close to completion, often days from school holidays. Speedy results. a state who knows how to do things right in 2020, unlike Queensland where the prevailing public service attitude is mired in the 1970’s.