Down-to-earth Qld Dad in shock after whopping $30M lotto win!

A down-to-earth Queensland dad from Hervey Bay has admitted he nearly fell over from shock when he checked his Oz Lotto ticket at home last night and discovered he was the region’s mystery $30 million winner!

The newly-retired man said he’d completely forgotten about his 6-game QuickPick entry until he saw news reports the $30 million Oz Lotto jackpot remained unclaimed.

“It’s awesome!” the man laughed when a Golden Casket official confirmed his multi-million dollar prize.


“We watched the news last night and it said something about the winner was still to come through. Then I went into the bedroom to check my ticket and I nearly fell over when I saw all the winning numbers!

“I was just shaking and cuddling everyone.  I couldn’t believe it.

“I haven’t slept at all to be honest!

“I’d heard there had been a win in Hervey Bay but it just didn’t register… I’d forgotten about my ticket.

While he may be Australia’s newest multi-millionaire, the happy winner said he wanted to remain grounded and focus on using the whopping windfall to help his family and enjoy his retirement.

“First we’re going to pay off the children’s mortgages and then we’re going to go travelling around Australia,” he said.

“Travelling is something we’ve always wanted to do and now we can.”

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning 6-game QuickPick from Nextra Fraser Gateway Newsagency.