Earthquake shakes homes in southeast Queensland

AN EARTHQUAKE has shaken homes and rattled windows in parts of southeast Queensland.

The 3.1 magnitude quake jolted the Lockyer Valley, 90km west of Brisbane, about 3.25am on Sunday.

Geoscience Australia said the tremor was centered in the hills near Seventeen Mile, 16km northwest of Gatton.


The quake was shallow, striking at a depth of just 6km, which would have amplified the shaking.

According to Geoscience Australia, the quake could have been felt by people up to 24km away.

Jade Dillon said she the quake shook furniture in her home in the Lockyer Valley.

“I thought I was imagining it,” she said.

“There was the weirdest big rumble and the chest of drawers with a TV and trinkets on top rattled like crazy!”

Andrew Greaves said he woke up to the windows “rattling” in his house.

“I woke up to windows rattling on the house and wondered what the hell it was,” he said.

No damage has been reported.