Earthquake shakes homes, rattles windows on NSW Mid North Coast

RESIDENTS have reported feeling the ground move and their homes shake after an earthquake struck off the coast of New South Wales.

The quake, estimated to be a magnitude 3.3, struck in the Tasman Sea just before 7pm on Wednesday.

Its epicentre was around 80 kilometres offshore of Forster on the state’s Mid North Coast.


According to Geoscience Australia, the quake struck at a depth of 26 kilometres around 6.55pm.

The earthquake reporting agency said the quake could have been felt by people up to 31 kilometres away.

However, residents have reported feeling the tremor right along the NSW Mid North Coast.

PHOTO: Geoscience Australia

Many took to Facebook and Twitter to see if anyone else had felt the earth move.

“Wow, I think there was just an earthquake in Forster!” one user wrote.

“The house just shook enough to make the windows rattle!”

“My apartment building just shook,” wrote another.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the earthquake did not trigger a tsunami.

There have been no reports of damage.