Eased restrictions on cards as Gold Coast urged to remain vigilant

Health officials will consider easing some restrictions in Queensland this week if the state continues its run with no new cases.

Queensland is also edging closer to avoiding a major outbreak caused by two women who brought the virus back from Melbourne.

The pair spread the virus to three others, but there have been no other cases linked to them.


Monday will mark 14 days since the women were first thought to have been infectious.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young says she remains hopeful they’ve avoided the worst, but we’re not in the clear just yet.

“Just because we all know that 14-day incubation period and we all now that there are cases, around 20 per cent or so that don’t get any symptoms, so then you have to wait til they’ve spread it before you can pick it up,” Dr Young said.

“Monday is when I’ll be able to say that I think probably, and it’s always a probable unfortunately, probably avoided further cases out of that cluster due those women who went down to Melbourne.”

Restrictions on aged care facilities imposed two weeks ago are likely to be the first to be lifted if Queensland is given the all-clear.

It’s not clear yet what other restrictions could be wound back, but hospitality groups are hopeful the rule forcing people to sit in pubs and clubs could be eased.

Dr Young is urging all Queenslanders to remain vigilant over the next couple of days and maintain social distancing.

She says people on the Gold Coast should be particularly alert because of concerns about the spread of the virus in New South Wales.

“We can see that they are getting increasing numbers of cases moving north out of that Sydney metropolitan area so we’ll just have to keep a very close eye.

“So it’s even more important that people in the border communities just take note of any symptoms at all and immediately get tested because you are at higher risk living in the border community.”