Easter, complemented by an unwelcome guest

How was your Easter? Full of chocolate, cherished loved ones and a restful break, I hope.

Mine was complemented by an unwelcome guest: a bloody mouse (or perhaps it was mice?), who chomped its way through $25 worth of Easter eggs!

Here’s the thing: I’m firmly against animal cruelty.


But when it comes to mice and rats (yes, shamefully, I can confirm that we have sighted a rat INSIDE OUR HOUSE once in the past), there’s no way to kindly rid them from your home. The only solution is a final one.

So, after I discovered that the mouse had enjoyed an Easter buffet last week, I promptly booked a pest control expert to come to my home and lace it with poison.

It genuinely makes me feel guilty, because mice are quite cute and I hate the idea that I’m responsible for the suffering of any living thing.

But they’re also full of germs and they were in my home. Eating my childrens’ Easter eggs.

My quandary, however, was only half rectified.

I think had another problem on my hands.

What does one do with $25 worth of Easter chocolate that hasn’t been completely decimated?

Case in point: One bag of mini eggs had it’s plastic chewed through. After checking the contents thoroughly, I couldn’t find evidence of a single chocolate egg having even the tiniest nibble out of it.

But I still had to throw out the entire bag, right? That’s the correct course of action, isn’t it? I’m almost ashamed to admit that I spent far too long debating the proper answer to this question, and I may have even turned to Google just to be sure that my Easter stash was beyond saving. Spoiler alert: it was.

I’m all about silver linings, however, especially over such a holy long weekend, so I took it as a sign that I was meant to go shopping to replace the compromised chocolates. Whilst I was out, I not only picked up replacement eggs for 30% off, but I also discovered that the suitcase I’d had my eye on had been marked down 70%.

In the end, I guess I should probably be grateful to the mouse – may he (or she!) rest in peace.