Easy ways to make extra Xmas cash

As Christmas gets closer, most of us see our bank balances drop significantly. This year, instead of scraping by the silly season eating baked beans, we’ve put together some new, exciting ways to make some extra moolah.

5 easy ways to make Extra Christmas Cash:

What could be more fun than baby-sitting a cute, cuddly cat or dog these holidays? Pet owners are always on the lookout for an alternative to kennels, and with new site, Mad Paws (www.madpaws.com.au), you can offer your services to care for pets in your local area. Being touted as the Airb BnB for pets, Mad Paws connects pet owners with pet sitters in their area. To join, you simply sign up, name your price (the average is about $25 per night) and include some details on the time you’ll spend with the pet and where you’ll walk it. The best part is the site provides insurance that covers both the pet and the pet-sitter, making the whole process stress-free.


Are you afraid to open your wardrobe in case an avalanche of extra clothes and shoes cause a serious head injury? This option is for you. Spend a few hours sorting through your excess gear and categorise into piles by new/used and designer/chain store. Often it’s a good idea to combine chain store purchases into one listing (ie. assortment of t-shirts), as opposed to selling them each separately. Although it will take time and willpower, you’ll be surprised at how much money your junk can fetch!

Arts ‘n Craft
Get in touch with your inner child, grab some Clag glue and go crafty. This year, try your hand at Christmas tree decorations, home-made jewellery and baked goods to sell on Etsy or at your local markets. With ‘artisan’ all the rage, you’re bound to get some serious cashola from your goods, plus it gives you an alternative activity to watching the dismal summer TV programs (since when was cricket classified as a prime-time show?).

Rent a Park
This one’s for all those CBD dwellers who haven’t yet realised that their driveway or car space is prime real estate. Your unused parking space can make you a few hundred dollars a month! Advertise the spot using online classifieds, a Facebook post to friends or by simply printing a few A4 flyers and handing them around to local cafes and offices. You potentially have an untapped gold mine sitting outside your door.

Lease Your Home
For those lucky enough to go travelling over the holidays, why not rent out your home or apartment and make some extra moolah while you’re sipping cocktails on a beach? Renting your house will no doubt cover your rent or mortgage and then some, especially if you live near a tourist destination.

There really is no excuse for being a scrooge this Christmas with this range of fun and quick ways to increase your cashflow!