‘Ebola sample’ mailed to New Zealand newspaper shipped to Australia for tests

A PLASTIC vial said to contain a sample of the deadly Ebola virus that was sent to a major New Zealand media centre this morning has been shipped to Australia for testing. 

The vial of liquid was part of a suspicious package from a “jihadist group” sent to the NZ Herald, according to Sky News. 

It was accompanied with some documents, one of which claimed the liquid was a sample of Ebola. 


As a precaution, the Herald’s mail room was evacuated and staff were reportedly hosed down.

Although suspected of being a hoax, the sample was sent to the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory where it’ll be carefully examined to determine whether or not it is Ebola. 

The vial was swabbed for DNA and checked for fingerprints before it was shipped to Melbourne. Results are expected within days.

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