“Egg Boy” won’t take further action against Senator Anning

The teen dubbed “Egg Boy” won’t pursue any legal against Senator Fraser Anning or his minders.

Will Connolly, 17, was hit twice by Senator Anning after he cracked an egg on the Senator’s head on Saturday in protest at his controversial comments following the Christchurch terror attacks.

The Senator’s supporters then placed the teen in a headlock and dragged him to the ground where he was held in a choke hold for some time.


The teen’s actions have divided the public with many applauding him, while plenty of others condemned the incident and claimed he deserved the retaliation from the Senator.

There had been calls for Senator Anning and his supporters to be charged with their response described by some as an overreaction.

Connolly was due to meet with Victoria Police this afternoon, but lawyer Peter Gordon says they won’t be asking for further action to be taken.

“He’s considered his position fully and he has no plans to make complaints or take any action of his own of a legal nature,” Mr Gordon said.

Mr Gordon said they were not sure whether charges would be laid against the teen.

“We’ve had no indication of that but obviously Police have got a job to do and it’s our instructions and it’s our intention to cooperate in that process.”

“To use Will’s own words, the Police have been awesome both in their handling of the matter on the weekend and their support for him and the family since and it’s his intention to cooperate as fully as he can.”

Connolly has turned down multiple requests for interviews as he grapples with his new found notoriety.

Mr Gordon says the teen has been through a tumultuous time and may tell his story in time, but for now wanted privacy.

A Go Fund Me page set up for money for Connolly to pay for his legal fees has now raised over $56,000, but Mr Gordon says he won’t be accepting any of it.

“We are acting pro bono so there are no legal expenses and Will is committed that every cent of the money raised from the Go Fund Me page go to support victims of the tragedy in Christchurch.”