Egg recall over possible salmonella contamination

FOR THE SECOND time in as many months, there has been a recall on eggs over possible salmonella contamination.

The latest recall affects six and 12 packs of Southern Highland Organic Eggs, sold in NSW and Victoria.

Synergy Produce has launched the recall of cartons with best before dates up to and including May 9.


The eggs have been available for sale in Woolworths in NSW and Victoria, and at IGA and other independent retailers in NSW.

The NSW Food Authority explained the recall was due to potential salmonella enteritidis contamination, which could cause people to develop headaches, fever, stomach crams, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.

Since March 2018, 149 people in NSW have been affected by a salmonella enteritidis outbreak.

Last month, other brands of eggs were recalled across NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia after salmonella was detected at Victoria’s Bridgewater Poultry.

The latest farm to be affected is in close proximity to others where have salmonella has recently been detected.

If you have a carton of the eggs at home, you can either throw out the remaining items, or return them to your place of purchase for a refund.

Anyone who has already eaten the eggs is being told not to be alarmed, but be aware of any symptoms and consult your doctor.