EIM trainer Dianne shares why she loves teaching Early Childhood Education and Care

Hi my name is Dianne and I am a Trainer in Early Childhood Education and Care.

I have 15 years’ experience in the childcare industry and have a very strong desire to help make the childcare industry a better place for all children, educators, families and our communities.

My career started as a trainee within a centre, I then finished my Certificate III and went on to do my Diploma.

I knew from the first day that this is where I was supposed to be – it truly is an amazing career.

As an educator, there has been lots of opportunities to work in different roles throughout the centre as a cultural educator, sustainability educator, WHS educator, supervisor and educational leader.

I believe children have the right to create, explore and learn though play base learning. By giving them lots of opportunities to practice and extend on their social, emotional and self-help plus self-
care skills.

My aim as a trainer is to build skills in educators so they can go out into the workplace and have a really good understanding of what is required of them as an educator.

I give them lots of opportunities to practice and to be confident in what will happen when they get to placement so they understand that children learn best when they play and explore.

To start, I help them become familiar with policy and procedures, WHS practices, cleaning procedures, supervision and ratios.

Also, It’s important they are aware of their actions and to understand they have a duty of care to all children.

One of the wonderful rewards of my job is to see where the students start from and watch as they grow and build on their skill set and gain industry knowledge and confidence, which builds a better future for the children of tomorrow.