Elderly gunman opens fire on residents at senior citizens complex in the U.S.

A 77-YEAR-OLD man has gone on a murderous rampage, shooting three people, killing one of them, before turning the gun on himself in the U.S. state of Wyoming.

The horrific shooting played out at a senior citizens’ apartment complex in Cheyenne, the capital and most populous city of Wyoming, where the 77-year-old man lived.

Armed with a handgun and a rifle, the man allegedly shot three people at the complex, killing one, before taking his own life as officers closed in.


Two of the three victims were reportedly shot outside the complex, while the third was gunned down inside the building.

Still armed, the 77-year-old fled the scene on foot. He shot himself dead as officers cornered him in a neighbourhood around one mile away from the scene of the shooting.

The motive behind the shooting remains unclear, although residents have told local media the 77-year-old had recently expressed his anger over the introduction of poker machines at the facility.