Investigations continuing into horrific murder of woman at Gold Coast home

UPDATE @ 12.00 PM | Police are looking into whether an axe and a belt may have played a part in the brutal death of an elderly woman in Varsity Lakes.

The 82-year-old’s body was found in gruesome scenes of the Gerona Circuit garage just after lunchtime yesterday.

Her husband, also 82, was found unconscious on the property as a result of an alleged overdose and was hospitalised.


Detectives suspect the horrific scenes are the result of an attempted murder-suicide and have since charged the man with murder.

The case was mentioned briefly in Southport court this morning, where it was adjourned until next week.

Meantime, detectives are still trying to piece together what might have happened in the moments leading up to the death.

Detective Inspector Chris Ahearn says police haven’t been able to establish a motive, and there were a number of discoveries made at the scene.

“An axe was found at the residence. That item is the subject of our ongoing investigations.

“A post mortem will be conducted shortly – hopefully today – and then we’ll get a better picture on if that has played any role in the death of this lady.

“A belt has also been found, there’s a number of items there that are of interest to us,” Detective Inspector Ahearn said.

“At this stage, in terms of motive, there’s various avenues of inquiry being examined to try and determine the reason for this lady losing her life.

“We’re confident that there is no third party, but our investigation does continue and we’re interested in talking to anyone who may have been in that neighbourhood at the time to help up flesh out the full circumstances of this incident,” he added.

At the time of writing, the man was still undergoing further testing in hospital.

Police have confirmed that they’re considering his mental health as part of their investigations but cannot confirm what substance he allegedly overdosed on.

The man will be required to front court, provided he’s cleared to leave the hospital.

EARLIER @ 6.00 AM | An elderly man’s been charged with murder after he was found unconscious next to his dead wife’s body in Varsity Lakes yesterday.

It’s understood a relative had been trying to get in contact with the pair before asking police to conduct a welfare check yesterday afternoon.

Officers arrived at the Gerona Circuit home around 1.30 pm to discover a gruesome and bloody scene.

An 82-year-old woman was found dead, while her 82-year-old husband was unconscious and had to be hospitalised.

Police immediately deemed the death suspicious and conducted investigations.

The man, who’s still under police guard in hospital, has now been charged with murder and is due to front court today if he’s cleared by the hospital.

Detectives are still questioning him to determine exactly what happened in the lead up to the tragedy.

It’s understood an axe was found at the property.

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He wanted to die with her. Very sad situation.

Not sure how easy it would be to commit suicide with an axe? And using an axe on his wife is a pretty savage way to end a life when a knife is available. We have no idea whether he has always been violent and old age is no reason for compassion in a deliberate crime. Frontal lobe dementia is an easier thing to imagine as I’ve worked with people who are aggressive or violent to their partners because of this.

Police have confirmed that they’re considering his mental health as part of their investigations but cannot confirm what substance he allegedly overdosed on.

The overdose does suggest attempted suicide, but does not suggest a suicide pact when the wife met her end in such a grisly manner. Since people with frontal lobe dementia resulting in aggression rarely self harm there has to be another factor at play. We can only wait and see.

Thanks Deke. I concur with your a***ysis. Let’s see what unfolds. Kind regards.