Elderly Queensland man bitten by Taipan

A man in his 70s is fighting for life after he was bitten by a large taipan that slithered into his lounge room in Cairns.

The elderly man went into cardiac arrest after being bitten at his Yorkeys Knob home around 8pm last night.

A quick-thinking paramedic raced a dose of anti-venom to the house, after she heard officers at the scene detailing the man’s rapid decline


He was rushed to hospital in a critical condition and has since been given a second dose of anti-venom.

It comes after toddler Eli Campbell miraculously survived after being bitten by an eastern taipan while collecting eggs from his family’s backyard chicken coop in Agnes Water in September.

Authorities are warning people to be on the look out for snakes while they are active at this time of the year.