Elderly woman hospitalised after tripping on tram line

Pedestrian accident 1

A 70-year-old woman lay injured on the tram lines. PICTURES: Supplied

AN elderly woman spent the later part of her afternoon in hospital on Saturday after she tripped on a tram line while crossing a busy Southport street.

Paramedics were called to the intersection of Scarborough and Lawson Streets at around 4pm following reports a 70-year-old woman had tripped and fallen onto the path of oncoming trams.


Two trams undergoing testing on the tracks in both directions at the time stopped and their drivers rendered assistance, as did a passing motorist, before ambulance crews arrived.

She was transported to the Robina Hospital with just minor injuries.

Witness Anatta Ward watched on from her 32nd floor apartment.

“From what we saw the lady lost her footing in the tracks and fell,” she said.

“Both tram’s stopped and the drivers got out to help. One family also stopped their car to comfort her until help arrived.”

Pedestrian accident

The scene as it was seen from Anatta’s 32nd floor apartment. PICTURES: Supplied

It is a timely reminder for, not only motorists, but pedestrians to exercise extreme caution around both trams and tram tracks.