Elderly woman killed in flood waters after yesterday’s wild weather

An elderly woman has tragically been discovered dead after her car was washed away in floodwaters in southeast Queensland yesterday.

Her sedan was swept away at a creek crossing on Lancing Street in Pullenvale around 4.30 pm, after almost 60 millimetres of rain fell in the area during a short period of time.

Swift-water rescue crews worked to find the car, assisted by locals, but when they did the 75-year-old woman from Taringa was found deceased inside.


Regional Duty Officer Daniel Bragg told Nine it was a difficult operation.

“It took several hours to actually locate the vehicle because the vehicle was submerged.

“I’m also advised that a tree actually snapped off and had fallen on top of the vehicle making it even more difficult,” Ms Bragg said.

No other major injuries were reported as a result of yesterday’s wild weather but more storm activity is expected today.