Elderly woman lucky to be alive after ‘major crane incident’ on the Gold Coast

Workers, residents and locals have had a near miss this morning when a crane’s cable snapped on a worksite in Mermaid Beach.

Locals in the area heard a large crash sound shortly before 11.00am today on Bondi Avenue, before seeing that a large load had fallen several storeys to the ground.

By some miracle, no one was injured in the freak accident, though it’s been reported that an elderly lady was just metres away from the crash.


It’s believed the crane was operating without a lift limiter, which stops the load getting too high up to the jib.

Luckily, the load was unhooked, but the hook, the chains and the wire ropes that fell are reported to weigh in around 500 kilograms, which ploughed at least 10 storeys to the ground.

The wire ropes then dangled over a nearby house, causing damage to the property, as well as a vehicle and another house next door.

Photos sent into myGC show the cable hanging over the nearby property.

Snapped cable causing damage to nearby property. PHOTO | Malcolm Wood

Fallen hook resting on load. PHOTO | Malcolm Wood

Luke Gibson from the CFMEU is on site and says it’s an unprecedented event that will now be thoroughly investigated.

“We will look at people licences, log books, service histories, and what’s caused it.

“Obviously the operator has been very compliant, letting us know that he’s been in a crane that hasn’t had a limiter in it.

“These cranes get tested before they’re allowed to be used.

“They shouldn’t be operated if they don’t have all these things in place.

“Basically they’ve been operating a crane that doesn’t have it’s safety mechanism in place,” Mr Gibson said.

Investigations are ongoing.