Elderly woman pinned between cars after accident in GC Uni Hospital car park

THREE people have been taken to hospital after a horror accident in the Gold Coast University Hospital car park, which left an elderly woman pinned between two cars.

According to witnesses, a car has driven into the general car park and struck another car which then pushed it into another vehicle, pinning the woman, aged in her 70’s, between the two parked vehicles.

“She was pinned for a short period of time and released prior to QAS arrival,” Queensland Ambulance Senior Operations Supervisor Neil Stead said.


“She has some pelvic injuries and has been transported to the Gold Coast University Hospital.”

The elderly woman’s daughter was also budged by the vehicle and suffered some minor injuries.

She has also been taken to hospital for treatment.

The driver of the original vehicle was also taken to hospital with chest pain.

A Queensland Police spokesperson has confirmed they remain on scene as they continue to investigate the incident.

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“transported to the Gold Coast University Hospital”
Wasn’t she already there?

The car park is private property and it is protocol for QAS to attend outside the hospital. Staff are not covered by insurance if they are injured going to an outside area, also you are leaving the ED short staffed.

it was a joke Karen, geez

Who is writing this stuff?? Budged??? Just write the woman’s daughter also suffered minor injuries.