Election 2019: Latest updates and results

UPDATE @ 1.00PM: Jacqui Lambie is set to return to the Senate while Fraser Anning is out and Clive Palmer’s wasted his money.

Lambie, who was forced to resign after being caught up in the dual-citizenship saga is on track to pick up a Senate seat in Tasmania.

Fraser Anning’s hopes of staying in the Senate have been dashed with voters in Queensland giving him the boot.


Anning’s Conservative National Party managed just 1.35% of the vote leaving it nowhere near the quota required.

Despite his $60 million election spend, Clive Palmer has fallen well short of snaring a Senate seat in Queensland.

His United Australia Party has failed to pick up any seats across the country.

Derryn Hinch’s time as a Senator is also up after failing to retain his Senate seat in Victoria.

One Nation remains confident of securing a second Senate seat in Queensland.

Pauline Hanson wasn’t up for re-election but Malcolm Roberts is likely to make a return after he was also forced out over citizenship issues.

The Greens look set to retain its Senate seats in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.


UPDATE @ 12.00PM: Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese will put his hand up for the party’s leadership as the Opposition attempts to regroup following last night’s disastrous election result.

Bill Shorten announced last night he would not recontest the leadership but would remain in Parliament.

Under the ALP’s leadership rules, party members get a chance to have their say before MPs have a vote.

Albanese won the vote of the membership in 2013 but ultimately lost his bid to become leader when MPs overwhelmingly backed Bill Shorten.

The long-serving MP would reportedly dump Labor’s controversial tax reform policy if he were to become leader.

He’s due to front the media later today.

Deputy Labor Leader Tanya Plibersek is also considering a tilt at the top job, telling the ABC she will talk to her colleagues.

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has been mentioned as someone who may put his hand up.

Shadow Finance spokesperson Jim Chalmers and Shadow Defence Minister Richard Marles have also been touted as potential candidates.

EARLIER @ 11.30am: Five seats remain in doubt as counting in the Federal election continues.

The Coalition remains on 74 seats, still two shy of the 76 needed for a majority, but it looks likely it will end up being able to govern in its own right.

Labor currently has 66 seats, The Greens have one with five independents.

In the Sydney seat of Wentworth, Liberal candidate Dave Sharma is now leading Independent Kerryn Phelps by 1,053 votes with almost 73% of the vote counted.

Still in New South Wales, Labor holds a slim lead in the seat of Macquarie by 620 votes with 82% of the vote counted.

Nicole Flint is on track to retain the LNP seat of Boothby in South Australia where she currently leads by 1,311 votes.

The Melbourne seat of Chisholm remains tight with Labor in front by just 325 votes. The seat was held by former Liberal MP turned-independent Julia Banks who tried to shift to the seat of Flinders and failed.

Labor looks set to retain the Brisbane seat of Lilley despite suffering a swing of almost 5% against it.

The ALP is 1,323 votes in front with 74% of the vote counted.

The final results might not be known for days.

EARLIER @ 12.20AM: Scott Morrison has claimed victory in the 2019 Federal Election declaring it a “miracle”.

Flanked by wife Jenny and their two daughters, Mr Morrison was swamped by Liberal supporters as he arrived at the party’s headquarters to chants of “Scomo, Scomo”.

“A little while ago, Mr Shorten contacted me and I thank him very much for the spirit in which he made that call.

“I have always believed in miracles. I’m standing with the three biggest miracles in my life tonight.

“And tonight we’ve been delivered another one,” Mr Morrison declared.

“How good is Australia and and how good are Australians?”

Mr Morrison says the victory was for the hard working Australians with dreams and aspirations.

“Tonight is not about me and it’s not about the Liberal Party. It’s about every single Australian that depends on their government to put them first.

“And friends, that is exactly what we are going to do, that is my undertaking to you.

“I said I was going to burn for you and I am every single day.”

Mr Morrison paid tribute to Liberal MPs who have lost their seats including Tony Abbott who was defeated in Warringah.

He also congratulated those who have held their seats, especially Queensland where the LNP has streghtened.

“How good’s Queensland? I never thought I’d hear that in this room in New South Wales,” Mr Morrison joked.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do and we’re going to get back to work.”

EARLIER @ 11.50PM: Bill Shorten has conceded defeat and confirmed he will not recontest the Labor leadership.

Flanked by wife Chloe, a downcast Shorten expressed his disappointment at the result.

“To Australians that supported Labor, I know that you’re all hurting and I am too. And without wanting to hold any false hope, while there is still millions of votes to count, it is obvious Labor will not be able to form government,” Mr Shorten told supporters in Melbourne.

“And so in the national interest, a short while ago I called Scott Morrison to congratulate him.”

“I wished (wife) Jenny and their daughters all the very best and above all I wish Scott Morrison good fortune and good courage in the service of our nation.

“This has been a tough campain, toxic at times, but now that the contest is over all of us have a responsibilty to respect the results and the wishes of the Australian people and bring our nation together.”

Mr Shorten said he intended to stay on in Parliament but would stand down as Labor leader after two election losses at the helm of the party.

Sky News is reporting that Anthony Albanese will run for the leadership.

Mr Shorten conceded that minor parties affected Labor’s vote.

“Clearly the Coalition’s arrangements with One Nation and Clive Palmer have hurt our vote in a lot of places where it matters most, particularly in Queensland and New South Wales.”

Mr Shorten finished his concession speech by urging his party to “carry on the fight.”

“Our time will come, count upon that.”

EARLIER @ 10.00PM: ABC election guru has called the election for the Coaliion, declaring that Labor cannot possibly form Government.

At 10pm, the LNP looks to have 74 seats, still short of the 76 needed to form a majority Government with five still in doubt.

Labor is only set to win 66 seats which means it would be unable to even form a minority Government.

Of the seats still in doubt, the Liberal Party is ahead of independent Kerryn Phelps in Malcolm Turnbull’s former seat of Wentworth.

It’s also ahead in the Labor held seat of Macquarie.

The victory is a stunning one for Scott Morrison who has single-handedly brought the Coalition back from electoral wipeout.

Many are now questioning the accuracy of opinion polls which all pointed to Labor winning and being able to form majority government.


EARLIER @ 9.20PM: Independent Zali Steggall has delivered her victory speech in front of delirious supporters in Sydney after unseating Tony Abbott in Warringah.

Steggall says she is humbled by the result.

“Tonight, Warringah has definitely voted for the future and you all showed that when communities want changem they make it happen,” Steggall decared.

“This is a win for moderates with a heart. We have definitely turned Warringah turquoise.

“I would like to pay tribute to Tony Abbott who has been a dedicated and long-serving local member.

“Nobody can doubt his community spirit, his work ethic and his contribution and I wish him well.”

Steggall campaigned stringly on climate change, declaring it a new day for the electorate.

“Warringah, we have a new beginning for our environment, I will be a climate leader for you and I will keep the new Government to account and make sure we take action on climate change.”

EARLIER @ 9.00PM: With counting continuing, there is still no clear result with different parts of the country telling different tales.

But the Coalition appears to be in a better position to retain Government.

Labor is failing to make any ground in Queensland and is set to lose at least two seats, possibly more.

The seats of Longman and Herbert have been declared LNP gains while the ALP is in danger of losing the safe seats of Blair and Lilley.

Despite a concerted campaign to unseat Peter Dutton, the Home Affairs Minister has retained his seat and has recorded a swing to him.

Scott Morrison’s regular trips to Tasmania look to have paid off with the seat of Braddon declared a Liberal gain while Bass also looks like being a win for the Coalition.

It’s also picked up the western Sydney seat of Lindsay while other Sydney seats that were considered in danger for the Coalition have been retained.

Labor has picked up the seat of Gilmore on the New South Wales south coast with star candidate Warren Mundine failing to retain it for the Liberals.

Labor has also picked up the Victorian seat of Chisolm which was vacated by independent Julia Banks who was contesting the seat of Flinders at this election.

At 9pm the ABC has given 68 seats to the Coalition, 61 to Labor, 5 to independents with 17 still in doubt.

EARLIER @ 8.30PM: Tony Abbott has formally conceded defeat in the seat of Warringah but confidentally declared the Coalition will be returned to government.

Mr Abbott suffered a huge swing against him following a brutal campaign, with independent Zali Steggall claiming victory.

Mr Abbott addressed supporters in Sydney declaring there was good news and bad news.

“The good is much more important than the bad news – the good news is that there is every chance the Liberal-National coalition has won this election,” Mr Abbott said.

“It’s a great result for Scott Morrison and the rest of the wider Liberal team and Scott Morrison will, quite rightly, enter the Liberal panthenon forever.”

Mr Abbott told supporters he knew the writing was probably on the wall after the Liberal party lost the Wenworth by-election last year.

“Once we had the result in the Wentworth by-election six months back, I always knew it was going to e tough here in Warringah and I can’t say that it doesn’t hurt to lose, but I decided back then that if I had to lose so be it, but I’d rather be a loser than a quitter.”

“I do congratulate Zali on what is a magnificent win for her and I hope that she will have the long, successful career as local member that the people of Warringah deserve.

“It’s often said all public lives end badly but I’m certainly not going to let one bad day spoil 25 great years.

“I’m incredibly proud of all that I’ve done and there’s some things, with the wisdom of hindsight that I could have done better. But I do look bac on the last 25 years with immense pride and satisfaction.

EARLIER @ 8.00PM: The LNP’s Bert van Manen has retained the northern Gold Coast seat of Forde, beating off a challenge by Labor’s Des Hardman.

Forde was going to be one of the most closely watched in the election with the LNP going into tonight with a margin of just 0.6%

In counting so far, Van Manen has enjoyed a 2.5% increase in his primary vote with AEC figures showing him increasing the two-party preferred margin in the seat to 7%.

Labor’s primary vote in the seat is down 8%

One Nation has recorded a strong vote in Forde with 11% of the primary vote while United Australia Party has so far recorded a primary vote of just 4%.

The LNP has easily retained all its other safe Gold Coast seats despite a drop in primary vote for Stuart Robert in Fadden, Karen Andrews in McPherson and Angie Bell who replaces Steve Ciobo in Moncrieff.

Scott Buccholz has increased his primary vote by 4% in the seat of Wright which takes in part of the western Gold Coast.

EARLIER @ 7.30PM: The political career of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott appears over with experts calling his seat of Warringah for independent Zali Steggal.

With 18 out 50 polling booths counted, Zali Steggall has recorded 45% of the primary vote compared to 37% for Abbott.

After preferences, Steggall will easily claim the seat.

The result is set to bring an end to Mr Abbott’s 25 years in Federal Parliament.

EARLIER @ 7.00PM: Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is in some serious trouble in his seat of Warringah with a massive swing against him in early counting.

Mr Abbott’s primary vote is already down 14% with independent candidate Zali Steggall leading two-candidate preferred.

The Liberal party is nervously watching seats in Victoria with a swing against the party in key electorates like Deakin, Flinders and Kooyong.

Corrangamaite, which is held by the Liberal’s Sarah Henderson but is now notionally Labor looks set to be the first to fall.

The seat of Gilmore on the New South Wales south coast is also in danger of being lost with Warren Mundine suffering a huge early swing swing against him, however the seat is also being contested by the Nationals this time.

The Liberal Party is on track to take the western Sydney seat of Lindsay and is in front in the Labor-held seat of Braddon in Tasmania where the ALP is facing a 7% swing against it.

It’s also leading in the Tasmanian seat of Bass.

The Coalition’s vote in Queensland appears to be holding up.

Peter Dutton is seeing an early swing towards him in the seat of Dickson, while the LNP’s other danger seats of Flynn, Petrie, Herbert and Forde are also seeing swings towards the Coalition.

It’s also leading in the Labor-held seat of Longman.

At this stage the ABC has given 53 seats to the Coalition, 41 to Labor and 4 to independents with 53 still in doubt.

EARLIER @ 6.00PM: Polls have closed across the eastern states of Australia with counting now underway.

More than 16 million Australians are expected to have cast their vote by the time all polling stations shut across the country.

Opinion polls are all pointing to a narrow Labor victory tonight.

The final Newspoll of the campaign released on Saturday morning had Labor leading 51.5-48.5 after preferences.

An exit poll done by Galaxy for Nine has Labor leading 52-48.

That could see Labor winning around 80 seats, enough to claim majority Government.

With the result expected to be tight, it’s not clear if we’ll even see a clear winner tonight.

More than 4.7 million Australians voted before Saturday, which could also delay the final outcome.

It comes after a hectic final day of campaigning with both leaders on the hustings right up until the last minute.

There was drama at polling booths in Sydney with a Tony Abbott volunteer allegedly stabbed with a corkscrew in Warringah, while a United Australia Party volunteer was fined for allegedly exposing himself at a polling place in Bankstown.