ELECTION 2019: LNP strengthens its grip on the Gold Coast

The LNP’s Bert van Manen has helped retain the Coalition’s stranglehold on the Gold Coast, turning his seat of Forde from one of the country’s most marginal into a safe LNP seat.

Mr van Manen went into the election with a margin of just 0.6% with predictions it would fall to the ALP on Saturday night.

A Galaxy poll published on Thursday had the seat on a knife-edge at 50-50.


But the LNP has won the seat, recording a big swing towards it.

The LNP’s primary vote increased by almost 3% while Labor’s Des Hardman saw his primary vote drop by 8%.

He told myGC it was disappointing to see such a shock result.

“It felt like we did a really good job, and had a really good campaign.

“I was surrounded by a lot of wonderful people who worked really hard. I got support from everywhere,” Mr Hardman said.

After preferences, the LNP has increased its margin by a staggering 7.3%

One Nation recorded strong support in Forde with 11.6% of the primary vote, with its preferences helping the LNP to retain the seat.

United Australia Party recorded 4% of the primary vote while the Greens vote was up to 8%

The LNP has easily retained its other Gold Coast seats, increasing its margin along the way.

In Moncrieff, Angie Bell has succeeded Steve Ciobo for the LNP, defeating Labor’s Tracey Bell.

She told myGC it wouldn’t have happened without her team on the ground.

“A big thank you to every single volunteer, who was on the polling booths yesterday, and the pre-poll the weeks before that, in Moncrieff but also in the other marginal seats, without them we wouldn’t be here this morning celebrating,” Minister Bell said.

The LNP’s primary vote was down 7% in Moncrieff but remains strong at 50.24% while after preferences, the LNP’s two-party margin was up by 1%


In Fadden, the LNP’s primary vote was largely unchanged at 49% with Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert easily retaining the seat.

Labor’s primary vote was down more than 3.5% with the LNP increasing its two-party margin by almost 3%.

Minister Robert said he’s not totally surprised by the result, given Labor’s lack of presence on the day.

“I had almost 300 locals out on polling booths in my electorate, Labor had 10. 10 people, just 10, not 10 on one booth.

“Unfortunately the Labor party has taken our city for granted.

“Bill Shorten never turned up to our city… at all,” Minister Robert said.

Cabinet Minister Karen Andrews has held onto the seat of McPherson despite a drop in primary vote of almost 5%.

She’s out cleaning up her own campaign signs across her electorate today and says her team went hard and they didn’t take anything for granted.

“We’ve been out there everyday for years, and we’ll continue to be out there, working hard for Gold Coasters,” Minister Andrews said.

Labor’s primary vote was also down 2.9% with the LNP’s two-party margin increasing slightly by 0.2%.

Scott Buchholz increased his support in Wright, which takes in part of the western Gold Coast.

The LNP’s primary vote was up by more than 2.5% while Labor’s dropped by 3.5%.

In Richmond which covers the Tweed, Justine Elliot has retained the seat for Labor, but her margin is down slightly.

The Nationals’ primary vote was down 3% while support for the Greens was up 2%.

Two-Party Count Across the Gold Coast and Tweed:

Stuart Robert (LNP) 64.1% (+2.9%)
Luz Stanton (ALP) 35.92%
(72% of the vote counted)

Bert van Manen (LNP) 57.9% (+7.3%)
Des Hardman (ALP) 42.1%
(69.4% of the vote counted)

Karen Andrews (LNP) 61.8% (+0.2%)
Aaron Santelises (ALP) 38.2%
(73.4% of the vote counted)

Angie Bell (LNP) 64.6% (+1.2%)
Tracey Bell (ALP) 35.4%
(71.6% of the vote counted)

Justine Elliot (ALP) 53.96% (-0.3%)
Matthew Fraser (NAT) 46.04%
(79.9% of the vote counted)

Scott Buchholz (LNP) 59.62% (+4.5%)
Pam McCreadie (ALP) 35.9%
(68.9% of the vote counted)

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