Election race remains tight but Labor holds onto lead

Two new opinion polls show the election race is still close but Labor maintains its election-winning lead.

A Newspoll published in the Australian has Labor leading the Coalition 51-49 after preferences which is unchanged from last week.

But a concern for Labor will be a drop in their primary vote which has fallen to 36 per cent, while the Coalition’s primary vote was steady at 38 per cent.


That’s Labor’s lowest primary vote since Scott Morrison became Prime Minister last August.

An Ipsos poll published in Nine newspapers has Labor leading 52-48 which is an improvement for the Coalition from a month ago when the same poll had Labor leading 53-47.

Ipsos has Labor’s primary vote falling to 33 per cent while the Coalition’s dropped one point to 36 per cent.

Both polls have Scott Morrison still in front as preferred Prime Minister but they each tell a different story.

Newspoll has Mr Morrison leading by 11 points while Ipsos shows the margin has narrowed to just five.

Newspoll has Mr Morrison’s approval rating down slightly to 44 per cent and his disapproval at 45 per cent.

But there’s been a slump in personal support for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

His approval fell four points to 35 per cent while his disapproval jumped two points to 53 per cent.

However the Ipsos poll has Mr Morrison’s approval falling from 48 to 47 per cent while his disapproval jumped from 39 to 44 per cent.

Mr Shorten’s approval rose from 36 to 40 per cent while his disapproval rating was steady.