Election results not yet in – but Queensland has already won

I have to say it: the election results have put the pep back in my step somewhat.

Not because of who won. In fact, at the time of writing this, no winner has officially been called. Labor looks likely to win the Queensland election, but it’s not quite a done deal yet.

But that’s not why I’m so thrilled.


No, the reason I’m overjoyed is because of who didn’t win: I’m looking squarely at you, One Nation Party.

I must admit, going into this election, I was a little terrified that Pauline Hanson’s political party might gain some traction in the polls.

But Queenslanders have come through with the goods. We voted against One Nation’s embedded racism (remember that time Hanson called Australian Muslims “a significant drain on the public purse”?) and we voted against a party that had the potential to do lasting damage to our beautiful state.

I even have a friend, a staunch Liberal supporter, who refused to vote for her local LNP candidate on Saturday – because they refused to put One Nation last on their preferences.

She has never once voted for Labor in her 23 years of casting a ballot, but this time around, she couldn’t bring herself to put the LNP first, when they were aligning themselves with the controversial One Nation Party.

This association was a move that cost the Liberals the election, according to former Nationals Queensland Premier, Rob Borbidge.

“The LNP just has to accept the fact that any association with One Nation is absolutely toxic, particularly in south-east Queensland,” he said.

“It happened in 1998, it happened in 2001 and it happened on Saturday night.”

It’s a lesson Malcolm Turnbull has learnt from, with our PM saying during a press conference that “voting for One Nation in the Queensland election has only assisted the Labor Party”.

He added, “When it comes to the federal election, we will be making that point very, very strongly.”

You can make that point all you like, Mr Turnbull, but voters are going to vote exactly as they please.

And in Queensland, when it comes to childish, racist politicians who are too busy knifing each other in the back to worry about what their constituents wants, we’re voting “NO”.