Elle Macpherson reveals how she maintains ‘The Body’

She might be 52, but Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson still has a figure many women half her age envy.

Speaking to Haute Living Miami, the mum-of-two, who was dubbed ‘The Body’ back in the 80s, has revealed her secrets to maintaining a toned and youthful appearance.

“Some simple tricks that anyone can do is drink three liters of water every day (with two teaspoons Super Elixir) and try to get at least seven hours sleep,” she told the publication.


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Elle also said she also ensures she gets a good night’s sleep. “Sleep makes such a difference as it helps the body to detox, rest and restore,” she said.

In addition to getting some shut-eye, Elle tried to fit in a workout every day. “I try to be active for about an hour every day, doing anything that helps me to experience nature,” she said.