Ellen DeGeneres has totally ruined my day

WELL, it’s not Ellen’s fault – it’s actually Facebook’s fault. Let me go back a step…

This morning I was happily eating breakfast and minding my own business when I received a text message from a friend.

After a discussion earlier in the week about Facebook envy and how we really need to stop comparing other people’s “best of” collections to our blooper reels, she’d been hit with a doozy.


“My FB zen has gone out the window,” she wrote. “Friend of a friend just bragged that she went to a taping of Ellen and got return tickets to ‘12 Days’. TALK ABOUT FB ENVY!”

For those who don’t know, Ellen’s ’12 Days’ shows are an extravaganza of gift-giving gluttony. She hands out dozens of beauty products, gadgets and gift vouchers to thrilled audience members who screech their way excitedly through the episode.

As they very well should – they walk out of the studio with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of free goods.

I’m not entirely sure what the benefit is for the viewers at home. It’s kind of like watching someone open a bunch of birthday presents – Oh YAY for you, another Myer voucher, are we done yet? – but if you’re in the studio audience, you hit the freakin’ jackpot.

And so.

Ellen DeGeneres has been doing her ’12 Days’ thing for years and I’ve never given it more than two seconds thought.

But that’s the magic of social media – it makes you care about things that weren’t on your radar, things that really didn’t even bother you just 15 seconds earlier.

This morning pre 7:53am: I did not care about Ellen DeGeneres or her extravagant gift-giving ways.

This morning post 7:53am: I can’t stop obsessing about the fact that a lucky local gal has scored tickets to not one, but two tapings of Ellen and I’m so jealous and my life is so boring and it’s not fair and I WANT FREE STUFF!

My toddler tantrum quickly subsided – mainly because there was an actual toddler in the room, my daughter, having an actual tantrum – and after much texting back and forth, my friend and I both decided to mentally wish her acquaintance well. After all, as we soon realised, said friend will have to pay a crapload of excess luggage to get her goodies back to Australia. Can’t win ‘em all…

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