Elsa’s Wholesome Life to whip up plant-based spread at The Kitchens

With over half a million followers on Instagram, Gold Coast dietician Ellie Bullen has become a full blown foodie Insta-star thanks to her blog Elsa’s Wholesome Life.

This Thursday, Gold Coasters will able to meet Ellie and taste test some of plant-based creations when she pops into The Kitchens to whip-up a seriously scrumptious plant-based spread.

From 11:00am on Thursday 11th May 2017, the social media sensation will be performing a live cooking demonstration alongside The Kitchens’ resident chef Sam Gowing, where the two will create a nutritious Autumn / Winter inspired recipe for their audience to recreate at home.


Ellie said she is excited to be partnering with The Kitchens as their first official ambassador, and is looking forward to sharing the benefits of incorporating more plant-based foods into our diets. “Eat more plants – that’s my mantra – and I really do stick by it. I strongly believe that consuming wholefoods from the Earth will lead to a happier, healthier, more abundant life,” Ms Bullen said.

“I know we are all unique and have different needs when it comes to diet, but you don’t have to make huge changes overnight. Just start small, integrating tasty plant-based meals once a week, once a day, or however often you can manage, because at the end of the day, a healthy diet and lifestyle is the best investment you can possibly make,” she said.

“Many people have this misconception that a plant-based diet is dull and difficult to maintain, but that just isn’t the case; especially here on the Gold Coast where places like Elixiba, Earth Markets, Naked Treaties and Coco Whip in The Kitchens are readily available – it’s a doable, colourful, and an exciting way to eat.”

In addition to her live cooking demonstration, Miss Bullen will be creating two brand new signature recipes exclusively for The Kitchens, using the food playground’s fresh seasonal Winter produce as inspiration.

The Kitchens curator Mr Daniel West commented on the upcoming collaboration with Ms Bullen. “The plant-based community on the Gold Coast is undoubtedly flourishing, and here at The Kitchens we are seeing more and more interest in vegan and vegetarian style cuisine. This is why we are so thrilled to have Ellie on board with us this season – her vibrant, creative recipes really showcase what this plant-based lifestyle is all about, and will be sure to inspire other members of the foodie community to try wholefood cooking for themselves.”

Event details:
Location: The Kitchens, Level 3, Cooking Stage
Date: Thursday 11th May 2017
Time: 11am
Cost: Free

For more information on Ellie’s appearance at The Kitchens, visit: