Elvis director Baz Luhrmann has “fallen in love with the Gold Coast”

The first trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s highly anticipated Elvis Presley biopic was released last Friday, leaving fans all shook up and counting down to the film’s June release.

The movie was shot almost entirely on the Gold Coast, and in a first for the glitter strip, Mr Luhrmann and his team also chose to remain in the city for the year-long post-production process, relocating his production company, Bazmark Inq, from New York to Miami.

“We’ve really fallen in love with the Gold Coast as a place, the people of the Gold Coast, and also the creative energy of the Gold Coast,” the visionary Australian director told myGC.


“We made the radical decision to not just come and shoot the film here, but to finish the movie the here too.

“Post production involves so many aspects. People think you shoot the movie and it is a quick dust up and off she goes. You actually make the movie in post production and it involves every kind of artistic discipline, from music, to digital effects, from grading to graphics.”

Mr Luhrmann said the Gold Coast is a great filmmaking hub and the next Hollywood hotspot.

“In the early 20th century, when filmmaking started out in New York, they spoke of a place with incredible beaches, wonderful sunlight and a sense that anything was possible. That place was called Hollywood,” he said.

“Recently, in returning to the coast after many years, my team has found a place of incredible beaches, unbelievable food, a can-do attitude and easily one of the best filmmaking facilities in the world.

“Of course we have to play around the world, we do live between different places, but… we are investing in this place at this time for the long term. I can say with great honesty that I look other filmmakers in the eye and say [the Gold Coast] is a great place to do it.”

Since relocating to the Gold Coast, Mr Luhrmann has been a huge supporter of local young talent.

With the help of the city’s arts and culture Professional Placement program, singer-songwriter /creative content strategist Eleea Navarro and mixed multi-media artist/ filmmaker Jordan Wilkinson were chosen by Luhrmann for a unique three-month placement within his digital media team. Since the conclusion of the placement last November, both have been employed in an ongoing capacity with Bazmark Inq.

“Thanks to the incredible support of the City of Gold Coast’s screen, arts and culture programs, the technical expertise and creativity that is bubbling up on the Gold Coast makes it the most exciting place to be, not just for filmmakers, but for anyone interested in creativity and the arts,” Mr Luhrmann said.

Mayor Tom Tate, Eleea Navarro, Jordan Wilkinson and Baz Luhrmann. PHOTO: Carla Tooma – myGC

Mayor Tom Tate said screen industry programs have contributed $200 million to the Gold Coast economy in the last financial year and created 8000 (direct and indirect) screen industry jobs.

“We are extremely proud of the screen, arts and culture initiatives we have in place to attract, develop and retain incredible talent in our city,” he said.

“To have arguably the greatest filmmaker of our time and the Bazmark production company located here is testament to our city’s potential as the screen capital of Australia.”