Embattled Gold Coast police officer gains support

AN avid backer of Gold Coast police officer turned whistle blower Rick Flori is overwhelmed at the level of support out there for him.

Sergeant Flori faces charges accused of releasing footage showing colleagues assaulting a handcuffed man in Surfers in 2012.

Friend and Social Justice Campaigner Renee Eaves said they have created a page on Facebook called Australia Supports Sergeant Rick Flori.


She said “there’s an award going at the moment for people to vote for people to vote for Gold Coast Police Officer of the Year and we’ve got close to 3,000 nominations for Rick”.

Ms Eaves has spoken to the Rotary Club and said “that in the eleven years that they’ve run this competition they’ve never seen close to these kind of numbers so everyone’s really thrilled that the Gold Coast has gotten behind this great man”.

She admitted that she is friends with Sergeant Flori and his wife but added that “everybody decided to support Rick because he is just a really great Police Officer”.

“He has a lot of integrity, a lot of courage and given what we’re seeing on the Gold Coast at the moment, which I think is absolutely horrific what we’re experiencing in terms of police brutality, we absolutely need more Rick Flori’s on the Gold Coast” Ms Eaves said.

She also has strong feeling about the charges laid against Mr Flori “I’m disgusted not only that Rick has been charged but also that the other officers involved haven’t, because a complaint was made to the triple C initially and unfortunately given the way that police culture is these days it does make it very difficult for victims to find the courage and the strength to come forward”.

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