Emergency meeting for Earle Haven residents today

The remaining residents of the Gold Coast aged care facility, that suddenly closed last week, will learn their fate today.

An emergency meeting has been called for around 1000 retirees still living in the Earle Haven Aged Care village’s independent living homes, to confirm their own future at the facility.

It comes after 71 residents were evacuated from the facility after staff walked off the job last Thursday night.


Some were relocated to other nursing homes, while others went to live with family.

It’s understood there are a couple of residents still in hospital.

The emergency meeting is scheduled to take place around 10.00am this morning, after a letter was sent to the residents saying they’ll address ‘the unprecedented happenings that have occurred’ and try to address their concerns.

It follows a weekend of investigations into claims that families of the residents evacuated had been charged thousands of dollars in fees for services that weren’t received.

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