Emergency services plead for Gold Coasters to stay away from flood waters

Queensland’s emergency services have issued important warnings to Gold Coasters today, as we brace for another day of heavy rain.

There were more than 250 call-outs across the southeast region since 9.00 am yesterday, while SES responded to around 75 issues on the Gold Coast overnight.

State Coordinator Neil Francis told myGC it was another busy night for the Gold Coast.


“The callouts were all pretty general, obviously the weather event that we’re dealing with is pretty widespread.

“It’s very general in terms of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast Hinterland area.

“There was an increase in requests for assistance, that’s predominately due to the amount of rainfall we had and obviously the ground is now extremely waterlogged. and houses  – given the amount of rain they’ve had to sustain – some are having some further leakage, so it’s those sort of incidents occurring for us,” Mr Francis said.

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Emergency services are again preparing for another wet day and urging everyone to do the right thing and listen to the advice as it comes.

“We’re preparing and have been for a number of days to enable the appropriate response to the community for swift-water rescues, and those less life-threatening situations of leaky roofs, sandbagging, so we’ve got planning well advanced to support the community for those needs,” State Coordinator Neil Francis told myGC.

“But the key message this morning is ‘if it’s flooded forget;. please don’t drive through floodwater, the road under the floodwater is unknown, so please don’t drive through it.

“Stay across the latest information on the weather system, stay up to date with the Bureau of Meteorology,” Mr Francis said.

Meantime, around 150 Queensland SES volunteers have been sent over the border to help with the worsening situation there.

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