Siege-style situation unfolding in Gold Coast suburb

UPDATE @ October 20, 4.00AM: RESIDENTS in Gaven have been forced to spend hours away from their homes after a siege-style situation unfolded in a suburban street.

Police declared an emergency situation at a house on Columbine Way around 5.00pm after reports a man had barricaded himself inside the property and was threatening to blow it up.

Officers revoked the emergency declaration around 9.00pm after police forced their way in to the home.


The man could not be found.

Police investigations into this incident are continuing.

Local residents are thanked for their cooperation and patience.

EARLIER @ October 19, 5.30PM: POLICE have declared an emergency situation at a house on the Gold Coast after reportedly responding to a domestic violence call out.

It’s understood a man has barricaded himself inside a house on Columbine Way at Gaven and is threatening to blow up the property.

It’s alleged the man is threatening to ignite petrol.

There are reports the entire street of Columbine Way has been evacuated as a precaution while emergency services respond to the delicate situation.

According to Nine Gold Coast News, police were allegedly initially called to the home in response to a domestic violence-related incident.

No further information was available at the time of writing.